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2015 Back-to-School Product Picks

Bookworms of all ages tend to love the back-to-school season (and I am certainly no exception). We love the brightly colored aisles of Crayola crayons, spiral bound notebooks, even the graphing paper!

August and September bring lots of purchasing decisions and - as much as  you might want to fill up an entire cart with composition books, pilot g2 pens, and poetry books - it's important to consider which products will be both useful and durable, practical and pretty.

Below please find our top back-to-school products for 2015.

Back to School with Lit For Littles

ZÜCA Sport

We were first introduced to ZÜCA Sport Bags six years ago - and they quickly trumped all other carry-ons in our luggage collection! These smartly-designed, rollable suitcases include organizing pouches, usable pockets, and slick wheels. As a bonus, the bag actually doubles as a (decently-comfortable) seat. If your child's school supply list includes a rolling backpack as a recommendation, don't hesitate to think ZÜCA. Not only is the Hanami bag ultra-pretty and super functional, it is also spacious. You can easily store 1" binders, textbooks, folders, lunchbox, pencil box, and more. The price may seem steep for a backpack, but you're certain to use it for years at school - AND abroad! This is a savvy pick for families who love to travel and who love to read (plenty of room for your books and e-readers!).


Zuca Hanami Sport

ZUCA sport bag

Zuca with brown boots

L.L. Bean

If you have an early elementary student in the 4-7 age range, consider L.L. Bean. We've heard that L.L. Bean's backpacks last for years and this is our first experience with the brand. The Junior Original Book Pack in the Sweetie Bird design is a lovely shade of purple and appears to be well-constructed and comfy with wide shoulder-straps, front pockets, and a coordinating easy-carry lunch bag.

LL Bean Sweetie Bird
Wearing: Children's Place Short Sleeve Faux-Layered Sweater, French Toast Skort, Mid Moda Boots

LL Bean lunch bag

Children's Place

One of the best things about Children's Place is that the brand offers free shipping frequently so you can purchase just one or two items and not have to make a $50 shipping quota. Although the items from CP don't stand up to pricier brands in terms of durability, we do still like to shop there for basics and accessories. This year, we found short sleeve faux-layered sweaters (adorable - see below + above!). Also pictured from the Children's Place: mid moda boots, metallic threaded woven scarf, and navy uniform shorts.

Children's Place school uniforms
short sleeve faux layered sweater, uniform shorts, + metallic scarf by Children's Place
Children's Place Star Boots
Mid Moda Boots by Children's Place

International Arrivals

When it comes to children's activity supplies, we tend to be skimpy on the toys and splurgy on the art supplies. Our girls all love the buttery, rich feel of these natural beeswax crayons by International Arrivals. Vivid colors for vivid minds. The company also has some great journal and mini notepad designs with inspiring quotes. We used them for teacher gifts this year - a cup, candy, a pen, and a quotable journal. Voila! *Thanks to I Heart Naptime for the free printable!

Brilliant Bee Crayons by International Arrivals

inspirational mini journals by International Arrivals

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

beeswax crayons

easy teacher gift International Arrivals

Blackwing Pencils

If you are a note-taker, a to-do list maker, or a poetry scribbler, you know that all pencils are NOT alike. It's quite a frustrating thing to pick up a pencil that is hairy, stubby, or easily breakable - with a pathetic eraser to boot! Blackwing prides itself on pencils that are quite the opposite. Sleek and smooth, with their signature square erasers, these pencils are great for writers and artists (including pint-sized ones).

Blackwing Pearl Pencils

What are your top picks for school supplies for 2015?