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Best Children's Book about the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet shouldn't be a chore! Make it an Awesome, Blissful, and Carefree experience with these Delightful picture books.

We are pleased to present the very best children's books about the alphabet (in - what else? - alphabetical order).

ABC A Child's First Alphabet Book

Written and Illustrated by Alison Jay

ABC A Child's First AlphabetYou'll enjoy the magical process of learning the alphabet in this classic picture book. It has a "vintage" feel, but with unexpected and enchanting illustrations. Available in hardcover or as a board book.

 ABC Dentist

written by Harriet Ziefert; illustrated by Liz Murphy

ABC DentistWith colorful, collage-style artwork, this book explains how to have "healthy teeth from A to Z." Each letter is a word associated with dental care and/or a visit the dentist - A for Appointment, B for Bib, C for Cavity, D for Dental Chair, etc. The only two letters that were a stretch were K for Kit (as in a "kit" for your dental supplies) and W for Wads of Cotton. Meant to alleviate fear about going to the dentist, the book does a good job at introducing unfamiliar words...but it still may leave some little ones timid about their first visit.

Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Written and Illustrated by Teagan White

Adventures with Barefoot CrittersThis retro-inspired book follows the year of a motley crew of forest animals (+ a dinosaur). Each letter helps describe the imaginative adventures of each month - dressing up in January, finding bird's nests in March, honey-hunting in April, fort-building in August, campfires in October, etc. Not a modern device in sight! The activities are mostly nature-based...a whimsical and lovely reminder of what childhood ought to be.


written by Sarah Powell

ABC AlphaprintsThis beautiful board book features sturdy pages with a different animal for each letter of the alphabet. What makes the book exceptional is that the images are made from thumb prints and embellished with a variety of interesting almost-3D components. The thumbprints are raised so that little learners can feel the circular patterns.


written by Christopher Franceschelli; illustrated by Peskimo

AlphaBlockIn this sturdy book with thick pages, kids can guess what each letter stands for before turning the die cut letter to reveal a colorful picture. Super simple. Simply fantastic.

All the Awake Animals are almost asleep

written by Crescent Dragonwagon; illustrated by David McPhail

All-the-Awake-Animals-are-Almost-AsleepA mother tucks in her "not sleepy" son with a sweet and soothing lullaby. She describes a different animal for each letter and explains how they cuddle, doze, float, lounge, and wade into sleep.

C is for City: An Alphabet Book

written by Orli Zuravicky; illustrated by Giuseppe Castellano

C is for CityMeet Mister Doodle - the protagonist of this delightful board book as he introduces small readers to the alphabet. Each page features one word that each letter stands for with an accompanying picture (plus, pictures to find that start with that same letter!). While Mister Doodle really is a doodle, the things in his world are in living color.

Creature ABC

written and photographed by Andrew Zuckerman

Creature ABCIn this stunning coffeetable book masterpiece, Andrew Zuckerman captivates audiences of all ages with his crisp and gorgeous photographs of a different animal for each letter. The details and poses are enthralling, even sometimes terrifying (have you ever seen a scorpion magnified?).

Dr. Seuss's ABC

Written and Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss ABCWhat list about alphabet books would be complete without this perennial favorite? Originally published in 1963, this silly book marches through each of the letters with rhyming text and ridiculous creatures. No childhood is complete without an introduction to Little Lola Lopp and David Donald Doo.

 My First Book of Letters

Written and Illustrated by Alain Gree

My First Book of LettersThis charming retro boardbook is really quite simple. Each letter is matched with one word and its accompanying illustration. What sets this book apart is the antiquarian nature of the drawings. The people on the pages are reminiscent of It's A Small World, Little Golden Books, and Fisher Price's Little People - sweet, good-natured, and very vintage chic.

 The Construction Alphabet Book

Written by Jerry Pallotta; Illustrated by Rob Bolster

The Construction Alphabet BookEven parents might learn something new in this run-down of common construction equipment, from A to Z. The informative text pairs well with (can you call a dumptruck lovely?) oil-painting style drawings. Young children will love how the *sounds* of the field come alive in the text. The reader is invited to smash! crash! boom! eeee!

What are your favorite picture books about the alphabet? We’ll update our list as other treasures are discovered, always keeping our list to the very BEST children’s books.