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Best Children's Books about Christmas

best children’s books christmas

Bookstores and libraries are full of Christmas titles, but there are some books that stand out among the shelves.

These are the gems your children will want to re-read year after year because they have wondrous illustrations and compelling messages about faith, hope, and love.

Below please find our picks for the Best Children's Books about Christmas. 

A Christmas Carol

written by Charles Dickens; illustrated by Brett Helquist

A Christmas Carol Brett Helquist

In this new adaption of Dickens' famous tale, readers are transported into the story through the glorious and luminous illustrations of Brett Helquist. No need to be intimidated by this classic anymore! This beauty of a book breathes new life into the age old story. Truly a classic to be treasured - this is a book you will want to return to year after year!

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  • Publication Details: Balzer + Bray, 2009

A Doll for Navidades

written by Esmeralda Santiago; Illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez

A Doll for NavidadesTwo sisters in Puerto Rico both want the same thing for Christmas - a baby doll "with pink skin and blue eyes." When the younger sister (Delsa, age 5) receives her wish, 7-year-old Esmeralda is brought to tears. Truth be told, I always cry a little at that part too. Lots of conversation fodder in this heartfelt and beautifully illustrated picture book. Sure to be re-read and adored by little girls 'round the world!

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  • Publication Details: Scholastic Press, 2005

Apple Tree Christmas

written and illustrated by Trinka Hakes Noble

Apple Tree Christmas picture book

This Little House in the Prairie style story follows a family of four (father, mother, and two young daughters) through the seasons. When a harsh blizzard comes at winer, their beloved apple tree is lost to the storm. The little girls mourn the loss of one of their favorite play spaces, but their Papa finds a way to let their memories live on.

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  • Publication Details: Sleeping Bear Press, 2005

Christmas Day in the Morning

written by Pearl S. Buck and illustrated by Mark Buehner


christmas day in the morning picture book

Originally published in 1955, Buck tells the story of a teenage boy who desperately wants to get his father something for Christmas...but he has no money. A heartwarming tale about the priceless gifts of hard work, thoughtfulness, and love.

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  • Publication Details: HarperCollins, 2002

Flicka, Dicka, Ricka and Their New Skates

written and illustrated by Maj Lindman


Three triplet girls from Sweden are the protagonists in this charming story about courage and obedience. When a new friend falls into thin ice, the girls heroically work together to rescue him. The 1950's style illustrations are reminiscent of the Dick & Jane books by William Gray and Zerna Sharp. Adults may not be as enamored with the simple text and mild drama in the book, but our daughters were smitten.

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  • Publication Details: Albert Whitman & Company, 2011

Papa Panov’s Special Day

written by Ruben Saillens, illustrated by Julie Downing


Because this title is no longer in print, it is hard to find any copies under $50. If you happen to come across a copy at a used bookstore or library sale, snatch it up quick. This treasure of a book centers around a lonely shoemaker on Christmas Eve. Told in a dream to expect a special visitor, he waits expectantly...but the people who stop by his shop are not who he anticipates.

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  • Publication Details: Tyndale House Publishers, 2002

Reindeer Christmas

written by Mark Kimball Moulton and illustrated by Karen Hillard Good


Two children and their grandmother come across an injured reindeer and nurse him back to health. Unbeknownst to them, he is the illustrious Downer of Santa Claus fame - and their loving care of the wounded animal helps save Christmas. With only a very brief message of Christ, this book doesn't exactly share the TRUE reason for the season. Even so, the illustrations are lovely and the rhyming lyrics are easy to read aloud.

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  • Publication Details: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, 2008

Shooting at the Stars: The Christmas Truce of 1914

written and illustrated by John Hendrix

Shooting at the Stars

Based on a true story from World War I, this picture book recounts a cold Christmas Day when English and German troops laid down their weapons to bury their dead and sing "Silent Night." A reminder about the insanity of war and the young men + women who are often caught in the middle. Hendrix does a remarkable job of portraying the terror and sadness of the historical event without frightening young readers.

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  • Publication Details: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2014

Silent Night: The Song and Its Story

written by Margaret Hodges and illustrated by Tim Ladwig


Do you know who wrote the music and lyrics for "Silent Night"? Neither did we until we read this historical book about a little town in Austria in 1818. A wonderful story about how music can touch hearts and inspire unity. This is another one that is out-of-print so snag a copy if you stumble upon it when out thrifting.

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  • Publication Details: Eerdmans Pub Co, 1997

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

written by Susan Wojciechowski and illustrated by P.J. Lynch


A gruff woodcarver with blue eyes the color of the August sky is hired by a widow and her son to create a nativity set. The talented Mr. Toomey never smiles and is almost always alone...but his life is forever changed when he accepts the job. Sure to bring you to tears, this tender story about loss, love, and letting go will stay in your heart long after the pages close.

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  • Publication Details: Candlewick, 2007

The Christmas Story (A Little Golden Book)


The Christmas Story Little Golden Book

If you're looking for a straightforward telling of Jesus' birth directly from the Bible, this Little Golden Book fits the bill. Paired with renaissance-style pictures, the book gives a good overview of the why behind the holiday.

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  • Publication Details: Golden Books, 1999

The Polar Express

written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

the polar express picture book


A little boy boards a magical train in the middle of the night. Destination? The North Pole. Along the way, he meets Santa Claus himself and remembers again what it means to truly believe. Note that this book makes no mention of Christ.

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  • Publication Details: HMH Books for Young Readers, 2015

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree

written by Gloria Houston and illustrated by Barbara Cooney


Set in the Appalachian mountains, the story revolves around a poor family where the father is sent away to war. The mother works hard to fulfill her daughter's Christmas wishes, in spite of their monetary lack. A lovely tale about how sacrifices can make dreams come true - and also a fascinating look at rural life in a small mountain town during World War I.

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  • Publication Details: Dial Books, 1988


What are your favorite picture books about Christmas? We'll update our list as other treasures are discovered, always keeping our list to the VERY BEST books.